The source of Australia’s First Ionic Active Mineral alkaline water.

We are proud to be at the forefront offering a truly unique alkaline water to the Australian Health Market. We are also proud to be environmentally active in producing Alka Power using up to 50% recyclable PET that is BPA & BPS free.

Our alkaline water is guaranteed to hold its pH better than other waters. Most bottled or filtered waters are essentially pH neutral (7.0) or slightly acidic. Only Alka Power has the proper pH (9-10) to sustain maximum hydration and help balance your body’s pH. Furthermore, unlike other high pH waters that lose their pH value after bottling, our high pH of 9-10 is maintained from the time of bottling until the time you drink it!

We believe in providing only the best for our consumers with active minerals, ultimate hydration and the utmost purity for you to enjoy day in and day out.

You’ll love Alka Power’s great clean taste and it’s incredible hydration properties. Start now! Get your pH in balance with Alka Power and get rid of acid wastes to feel healthier today.

pH 9-10

Utmost Purity

Active Minerals

Ultimate Hydration

Alka Power has the highest stable pH level 9-10 providing a more effective hydration and ionic mineral absorption.

Alka Power is committed to reducing their carbon footprint.
Our bottles are BPA and BPS Free.