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Our ionic alkaline water products is guaranteed to hold its pH longer than any of our competition.

Most bottled or filtered waters are essentially pH neutral or slightly acidic. Only Alka Power has the proper pH to sustain maximum hydration and help balance your body’s pH.

About Alkaline Water

How Alka Power will change your life

Alka Power delivers incredible hydration and detoxification with active minerals and 9-10 pH alkaline water. Our patented process delivers superior quality that maximizes your health benefit beyond other alkaline waters and advertised energy and healthy drinks that are on the market. These drinks are either with high levels of sugar, salts and colouring and on the acidic side of the pH scale.

Not all alkaline waters are the same!


Clean, refreshing taste

Absolute purity

Ultimate hydration

Stable pH (9-10) guaranteed

Ionic calcium-infused water

Many alkaline waters on the market that have no real point of difference between them. Alka Power differentiates its self by not having huge amounts of bicarbonate that most of them contain. Bicarbonate is unstable and may have an adverse effect on the bodies health. As our kidneys naturally produce bicarbonate it could load them with unnecessary high amounts of bicarbonate potentially causing kidney stones.

Alka Power can be consumed in high amounts. This would aid in detoxing your body. The high stable pH and active minerals helps bring your body back to a healthier balance. Flashy bottles and creative labels don’t take away the real benefits you get out of your alkaline water. “It’s what’s in the bottle that really counts” Alka Power.


Alka Power was created by dedicated bio chemical Randy Park. Mr Park spent the bulk of his career developing major water treatment systems for public and industrial applications. Fascinated with our dependency for water and the role it plays in human health, Mr Park realised his true legacy was to produce the most perfect water possible.

Alka Power Ionic Calcium Water — Over 25 Years of Passionate Research

The more he learned the more shocked he became by how the amount of acidic food and beverages people consume. This pattern of consuming high acidic substances is the culprit in causing a pH imbalance in the body. What we eat and drink can be easily classified along a scale from increasingly acidic to increasingly alkaline, and the foods that tend to be more alkaline are those usually linked to better long-term health, such as vegetables, fruits, and quality water. It also comes as no surprise that these foods contribute to less disease.

Higher acidic foods, alcohol (in all its forms) and soft drinks contribute to oxidative stress in the body. Consumption of these foods and beverages weaken the body’s resolve and defences.

Alkaline Water pH Chart

Randomised control studies are showing that alkaline water reduces your chances of getting diseases.


Dr. Pradip Jamnadas
Interventional Cardiologist, Florida Hospital


Athletes are now discovering the huge alkaline mineral water benefits of drinking the right alkaline water. By drinking Alka Power rather than regular alkaline or spring water they see improved performance as well as quicker recovery. Other unique points of difference or alkaline water benefits is that supplements can be absorbed more efficiently than drinking normal waters due to the high alkalinity and it relieves soreness after excessive training.

Proof of this has been made by Elite three code Athlete Israel Folau, whose manager put him onto Alka Power pre-season in 2015. Also IFBB and Nutritionist/ personal trainer Tricia and Anthony Rufus.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Though we don’t make any health claims like other alkaline waters on the market we get testimonials and correspondences from customers who regularly drink Alka Power because they get great relief by drinking it.

So much so there are people currently suffering from gout, reflux, morning sickness, sore joints, migraines and tiredness that all see positive results. Alka Power offers a great detox, by drinking at least two litres a day you will notice an improvement in your overall being.

israel folau alkaline water

What Israel Folau eats and drinks on an average day?

tricia rufus alkaline water

Fitness Food Nutritionist & Person Trainer Tricia Rufus & Physique Athlete IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders), Personal Trainer & Fitness Model, Anthony Rufus.



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