The type of water that you drink may be one of the most important things that you can do for your overall health & well-being.

  • ALKALINITY is a hot topic in alternative health and thankfully so. Many wellness professionals believe that keeping your body’s pH balanced, through diet (both in terms of what we eat and drink), mood, fitness and self-care – is key to a vibrant and enduring wellbeing. Disease thrives in an acidic environment but cannot live where pH is maintained within the correct range.
  • The typical Australian diet is acidogenic, consisting of foods and drinks that have an acidifying effect on the body. Chronic over-acidity removes oxygen from the blood and can result in lower immunity levels.
  • It is often misunderstood that an alkaline approach is trying to change your pH – not so. It is about supporting your body and giving it the tools and resources it needs to maintain its ideal pH.
  • Human blood stays in a very narrow pH range of around 7.35-7.45. When your body is bombarded with acid forming foods and drinks and an unhealthy lifestyle, it has to rely on its own stores of nutrients to restore your blood pH to the required range. Your body is constantly trying to bring you back to a more alkaline state. The body starts pulling minerals like magnesium and calcium from your bones, teeth, and organs to neutralise the acid, placing undue pressure on your kidneys and liver.
  • An overly acidic diet eventually leads to a weakened state and in the process our bodies become susceptible to disease. This causes a variety of issues such as inflammation, allergies, arthritis, constipation and other bowel issues.
  • Alkaline food and drink cleans the blood, oxygenates the body, and keeps your cells in tip-top shape. This will give you more energy, clears up your skin and reduces inflammation in the body.
  • THE ANSWER: the easiest way to nourish your blood, and in turn nourish your body, is by replacing acid forming foods (such as processed foods, sugar and meat) with more alkalising, nutrient-rich foods (fresh produce, especially green leafy vegetables and green powders) and to compliment this throughout the day with high pH ALKALINE WATER.

Think 80/20: make 80% of the foods and drink you consume alkaline and 20% acidic

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