Aklaline Water Bottles


  • Couldn’t have gotten through my weights class today in 37 degree heat without my Alka Power water! I didn’t feel dizzy or dehydrated even in this heat! Best water I’ve had, I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

  • I tried this water tonight at the gym and for the first time ever I didn’t feel light headed at the end of my class. It tastes so good too. Can’t wait to get more.

  • I have always suffered from bad migraines & since trying & drinking Alka Power daily I now feel better within myself and no migraines.

  • Friday afternoon jog fuelled by Alka Power Australia. Those who know me well know that I have water standards! I don’t drink tap water. I believe that because we are made up of over 70% water the quality of your H2o matters! Alka Power when compared to other alkaline waters on the market appears bright blue like this bottle when it is tested for alkalinity unlike some of the other brands of alkaline water we tested. Alka Power is 9-10 pH on the alkaline scale and is put through a process where chemicals are taken out of the water. You may think water is water but when you taste it you can see the difference for yourself! Clean & clear water for my body. Now comes in a new biodegradable sports bottle convenient for those runs!

  • I’ve never been someone to drink much water but since trying Alka Power I can’t live without it!

  • Alka Power water is the best I’ve tasted!

  • If you’re training today in this heat drink some Alka Power.

  • I stopped drinking tap water a year ago thanks to Alka Power Australia who made me aware of just what was in our tap water. I wrote a blog outlining why I stopped drinking tap water and invested in an osmosis alkaline filtration unit for my home. Water is the best detoxifier but if it is full of chemicals it is what I like to call ABUSED. Hydrate yourself with clean, pure, alkaline water. The idea is to flush out toxins and waste not ingest more of them! Call me crazy but there is no going back for my family the next stop is getting this water to stream through my showers and bath taps! The skin is the largest organ make sure it is not absorbing chemicals either for optimal health!

  • Alka Power, thanks for getting my family and I through yesterday’s heatwave, your Alkaline water is amazing.

  • I can’t wait for my filtration system in my new house. I love Alka Power.

  • Alkalinity is the new word. I couldn’t live without my Alka Power water, we all need to hydrate and keep pH balance in our body.

  • I have just discovered this amazing water. I can’t tell you how fantastic I am feeling thanks to this water so much so that my husband is now recommending it to his patients. It’s truly amazing.

  • Thanks Alka Power for the extra hydration on the weekend helping me win the NSW State Championship!! I’d normally have a dry mouth by the end of our long Finals races, but after drinking Alka Power all weekend I was still able to push on for the entire race with no problems at all.

  • Alka Power alkaline water contributed to an alkaline state when I was already eating a very healthy diet and kept my body alkaline while it was in my body. Drinking more than 2L a day of Alka Power alkaline water all day, every day, would definitely make for an alkaline body because the effects wore off as soon as it was out of my body. I found I could eat a normal time poor mothers diet not very nutrient rich without the effects of an acidic body by drinking Alka Power, therefore preventing arthritis and joint symptoms, poor digestion, candida overgrowth and restless sleep which I suffer from all of them when I don’t eat healthily. Although after only drinking it for one day I felt like I normally do every other day which is generally well and energetic with 3 kids but I did notice that I slept exceptionally well and deeply without waking that night and my arthritis joints didn’t hurt like they usually do every night. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to trial the alkaline water, I really would drink alkaline water regularly for my overall health and to prevent the symptoms outlined above.

  • I have always wanted water with a high pH level but could not afford an appropriate filtration system and I’m also currently renting so I can’t plumb a proper filtration system up to the mains. Of all places, I found Woolworths are stocking this awesome stuff! They have only just started stocking it, and I hope they continue to do so! Thanks for bringing your water into the market! Taste is great. Noticeable benefits! I will also add that I don’t get or feel bloated when drinking Alkapower, which happened when I drank any other water. Not sure how that works but kudos to that!

  • As a nutritionist and advisor too many athletes, I must say being alkaline pre and during training it’s the most important thing!!!! Alka power is an amazing product just try it for a week and see your strength, recovery and see for yourself!

  • Had no idea until today that the “healthy” water I was drinking was acidic until this company showed me while I was working at the Tag Trade Expo! Alka Power is alkaline and you can taste the difference. Make sure you know what you are drinking.

  • I love this water. I love the taste and I am so excited to see all the health benefits that I know are coming my way as a result of drinking such great water. I have done so much research on alkaline water and how it improves our health, but always found it too expensive to purchase elsewhere. I am thrilled to now be able to purchase it at woolworths and it’s going to be a staple in my house

  • Absolutely loving Alka Power …. Just got another delivery… can’t get enough – it tastes divine and I’m detoxing at the same time.

  • This water is amazing, just had a bottle and it goes down so smooth thanks Steve for the water.

  • Thanks guys, for the carton of water! It didn’t take me long to realise this was the nicest water I’ve ever had. It has a soft, clean, refreshing taste.

  • I have been drinking alka power for years now and definitely the changes are noticeable. I am a bodybuilding athlete and it is essencial having a good quality water to maintain the PH of our body and improve the absorption of all supplements we take. Not even talking about how alka power improves my skin, nails and hair. I just love it!!! Thank you for the best quality. I wouldn’t drink any different alkaline water.

  • I really like this alkaline water as it so smooth and no chalky after taste. The price for the 1.5 litre is also amazing as it’s the same price as normal spring water. It must have the competitors worried as I have seen a number of trolls take aim on this Facebook page. Very disappointing to see as these guys have a product that clearly is great. Nice to see some of the posts from people going through chemo sharing their positive experiences from drinking alkapower. Keep up the good work guys. By the way I get mine from QE foodstore Darlinghurst.


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